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Parallax speeds the process of Propeller 2 development through our partnership with MikroE, who has created a family of 850+ Clicks for most I/O functions you may envision. For each of the Click boards stocked by Parallax, you will find a documented Spin 2 code example on our Propeller GitHub Object Exchange. Connect your Click boards to the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board or P2-EC Edge Breakout Breadboard using the #64008 P2 to MikroBus Click Adapter.

Shuttle click in combination with mikroBUS Shuttle provides an easy and elegant solution for stacking multiple Click boards™ on a single mikroBUS™.

Shuttle click can be especially interesting for the IoT development systems that are equipped with a very small number of mikroBUS™ slots. Using Shuttle click on such system will greatly improve its usability by adding more mikroBUS™ sockets, yet it will remain small, compact and manageable.

When there’s a need to expand the development system with even more mikroBUS™ slots, one of the free mikroBUS shuttles can be populated with yet another Shuttle click, allowing even more connections. This makes the stacking capacity almost unlimited. However, attention should be paid not to make mikroBUS™ lines too long. In situations like this, the frequency of the communication might need to be stepped down a bit, in order to compensate for the longer mikroBUS™ signal lines.

Lines of the mikroBUS™ to which Shuttle click is attached, are shared through all four ICD BOX headers – each of the four ICD BOX 2×8 pin headers mirrors pins of the connected mikroBUS™. Each mikroBUS Shuttle add-on board shares the same mikroBUS™ pins as the other mikroBUS Shuttles connected to the same Shuttle click. So, an extra care should be taken when working with Click boards™ that share the same pins on the mikroBUS™, either for the communication (SPI, UART, I2C) or for some other purpose (RST, INT, or other pins used as GPIO). For example, I2C and 1-Wire protocols are designed with stacking in mind, so the collision avoidance mechanisms are already in place for these protocols. It is enough to change the slave address of the click board™ and data collision won’t be a problem anymore, even while sharing the same pins for the communication.

Also, since all the stacked Click boards™ share the same power rails, a care should be taken when combining Click boards™ with significant power consumption.

Bundle Contents:

  • (1) Shuttle click
  • (4) microBUS Shuttle
  • (4) Flat cable with 16-pin female connectors, 20cm


  • Type: Adapter
  • Interface: GPIO
  • Click board size: L (57.15 x 25.4 mm)
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
  • Weight: 133g

For schematics see the manufacturer’s product page.

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