Three Propeller 2 Live Forum Events in December 2020

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Table of Contents

Propeller 2 Live Forum on Deceber 16, 2020 at 2:00 pm  features an update from Stephen M. Moraco on his HUB75 LED driver and Spin2 Object, wireless programming of the P2 with Michael Mulholland, a single-step debugging example from OzPropDev, and JonnyMac’s Spin2 object for Pixy2CMU camera. Registration link.  

Propeller Tool 2.4 updates with Jeff Martin! Registration link!

A series of four interactive presentations with JonnyMac! Details and registration link!

Table of Contents
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Piotr Kardasz

I watched today ADC presentation, jaw dropped. My P2 stuff is still somewhere in the post or custom office, so I still can’t try this, but I have endless ideas of what can be done with P2 after seeing this.

The noise seems to be low enough for P2 to use as analog mixer/audio processor.

The oscilloscope output seemed to be heavily filtered – what is the bandwidth of such an “oscilloscope”? It seems to be something about 1 I right?

Chip Gracey

Piotr, those high-speed scope-mode filters only have about 6 bits of DC resolving power, but using those same pins in SINC2 ADC mode can get you 13 bits of resolution. If you want high-quality audio input, it would be best to use some 24-bit delta-sigma ADC. The P2’s pins also have 10.5-bit-linear 8-bit 75-ohm DACs that can be oversampled automatically to get very good 16-bit audio.

To answer your question, the pins’ ADCs have analog front ends that attenuate -3dB by ~4MHz. Those scope modes use weighted-tap filters of up to 72 taps to produce 8-bit samples. They are good for visualizing fast signals with good phase resolution, since a new samples comes out every clock, but their DC resolution is only 6 bits.

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