The Gripper 3.0 Shortage is Solved and our CNC Shop is Running Smoothly at New Location!

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Last summer we posted a story about how we were renovating our office and moving our CNC shop to Northern California. Both of these efforts are complete and the new CNC shop is producing thousands of parts! 

Until recently, we’ve had trouble keeping the Gripper 3.0 in stock. This product has lots of precision components, machined to tight tolerances on several sides. As shown in the above photo, we’re about to kit these up and have several hundred Gripper 3.0s in stock. 

The reason the CNC shop is running so well is that we partnered with Doug and Corrine of DOCO Engineering. Doug has worked with Parallax for many years and his family (and one of Chip’s kids) have been trained to run the machines after school and on weekends. Thanks to Doug’s round-the-clock leadership, several new Haas CNC machines, and close collaboration with Parallax we’re finally getting the parts made efficiently. 

Thank you to DOCO Engineering for your absolute drive, experience, and commitment to get this accomplished!  

Table of Contents
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