Renovations Underway at Parallax

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Table of Contents

Yesterday, we had our first walk-in customer in many months. He came in to buy a robot kit for a friend and was curious why our entire operation was in such disarray, so Kristina took him on a tour. 

The Parallax site in Rocklin, California is undergoing some major changes in preparation for the future. Some of the goals driving these changes:

  • Increased CNC capabilities. We’re moving our two Haas CNC machines to join two others at a large, offsite location in Northern California. For several years, we’ve been continually out of stock of Grippers, Motor Mount and Wheel Kits, and other machined products. We’re going to address this shortage once and for all!
  • Front office demolition and remodel for open space and customer events. We’re removing the “burrito shop” look and clearing the space for a future teaching area, Parallax Expo, and to create a wide-open environment for larger robots. New paint and carpet will be installed (and those black baseboards, which are a problem for our infrared sensors).
  • Roof replacement, HVAC repair and new drainage on top of the building. 
  • Outside, the trees are getting trimmed and we’re removing any storage materials (pallets, metal, etc).

Like many businesses, some of our team will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. Our manufacturing, shipping, kitting and sales teams will continue working on site. In the future, we hope to be well-prepared to host many customers when the renovation is complete. 

Table of Contents
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Jonathan Titus

Moving the heavy equipment out of your offices makes sense, but moving is always a hassle. Cheers. –Jon

Dalfra Fleming

I think I’ll make a trip while we can still can. I really want to visit Parallax Valhala. It’s like visiting my ancestral home in Ireland, going to open mass at The Vatican, and seeing the pyramids from a boat! Really. Maybe I’ll get to touch the building as I did the Blarney Stone.
Long time educator using S3’s, Shield Bots and know cyber:bot micro:bits!

Dalfra Fleming
Jeff Martin

We’ve also been repairing/retrofitting our roof as part of our big building maintenance project.

Tom Carroll

I just wanted to wish the best for you and your team, Ken. It is good to see your well-planned upgrades are being accomplished. It was interesting to hear you mention “Larger Robots.” One of these days I will get a chance to visit Parallax again on one of our trips south to Southern California.

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