Propeller 2 Live Forum today at 2:00 pm Pacific: Open Discussion

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Table of Contents

Today’s P2 Live Forum is open for topics of any kind. Bring your ideas, examples, questions, and requests since Chip will be available. Register here!

What’s going on at Parallax? Our manufacturing staff will be working through the Thanksgiving weekend to build 500 units of the P2 Edge Module and 250 units of the P2 Edge Breakout Breadboard (AKA the “JonnyMac”). Special appreciation for Terell and Kenneth who will be running our machines through the weekend so our community may enjoy a productive winter learning about the Propeller 2. 

All of the past Propeller 2 Live Forums are available on the Parallax YouTube Channel Playlist “Propeller 2 Live Forum”

We enjoy our association with the community and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Table of Contents
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