Micro:bit 2.0 Modules In Stock and Shipping!

All Three Package Types Now Available Parallax is an official reseller of the micro:bot v2.0 modules. We have received thousands in stock and are now shipping all three packages. The v2.0 module will be included in our cyber:bot kits around January 1st.   Micro:bit Module v2.0 Micro:bit Module v2.0 GO BundleMicro:bit Module v2.0 CLUB 10-Pack    

Propeller 2 Live Forum today at 2:00 pm Pacific: Open Discussion

Today’s P2 Live Forum is open for topics of any kind. Bring your ideas, examples, questions, and requests since Chip will be available. Register here! What’s going on at Parallax? Our manufacturing staff will be working through the Thanksgiving weekend to build 500 units of the P2 Edge Module and 250 units of the P2 Edge […]