P2 Live Forum Holiday Spin2 Kit

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Parallax’s Propeller 2 Live Forum contributor JonnyMac will run a three to four-series Zoom meetings on Wednesday after the regular Propeller 2 Live Forum to introduce beginners and intermediate programmers to the Propeller 2. You don’t need any hardware to attend the Zoom meetings, but if you want to participate hands-on then we recommend the Propeller 2 Developer Starter Bundle. Together, we will use Spin2 objects to control the different pieces of the P2 Live Forum Holiday Spin2 Kit, which consists of the following:

  • NOYITO 1602 16×2 LCD Module Shield Yellow-Green Backlight
  • Rextin WS2811 Pixels Digital Addressable LED String Lights Waterproof RGB Full Color 12mm DC 5V (DC5V 50pcs)
  • Cylewet KY-040 Rotary Encoder Module with 15×16.5 mm with Knob Cap
  • HiLetgo DS3231 AT24C32 Clock Module Real Time Clock Module IIC RTC Module
  • Eiechip 18B20 DS18B20 TO-92 3 Pins Wire Digital Thermometer Temperature IC Sensor
  • CR2032 Battery

These parts are also available on with Prime shipping, yet the package sizes are not convenient (often 10-packs). Based on the success of the P2 Live Forum Holiday Spin2 Kit and the Spin2 objects created from the event, we may stock these items individually in the future.

Register for the series of Zoom meetings on the Events Page. Everybody is invited to participate, even if you don’t have the hardware in hand and just wish to observe. For a preview, follow the forum thread here.

Resource Links

P2 Christmas Lighting Project (Beginner/Intermediate Spin2 Coding) Forum Thread

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