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This handy PCB duplicates your Parallax BASIC Stamp or Propeller educational board’s prototyping area in a solder-friendly thru-hole form factor.  Permanently solder together application circuits that can be plugged into the power and I/O pin headers on your board, and quickly swapped out as needed.

This board was created at the request of a long-time Parallax customer-teacher, who envisioned building a set of permanent, tested circuits to help troubleshoot students’ code.  Prebuilt circuits  are also handy for robotics contests where navigation circuits need to be durable yet quickly swapped out if needed.  Students benefit from learning soldering skills, and can gain more circuit-building experience when several students are sharing a robot.


  • Layout matches the breadboard activities in Parallax tutorials so students can follow the same parts placement
  • Silkscreen labels for marking power rails and initials on your board
  • Three 40-pin headers included for power and I/O headers, with some left over for making extra 3-pin ports in the prototyping area
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5 in (5.6 x 3.8 cm)

Compatible Parallax Boards:

  • Propeller Activity Board (#32910 original, and #32912, WX)
  • Propeller Board of Education (#32900)
  • BASIC Stamp Board of Education (Serial #28150, or USB #28850)

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