A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Board, Black Edition

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Product Description

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Board Overview:

This high-performance stepper motor driver carrier board from Pololu puts the Allegro A4988 DMOS driver on a four-layer PCB with 2 oz copper.

This product was brought into our inventory for use with the March 10,2021  Propeller 2 Live Forum – Spin2 Beginner Series with JonnyMac Stepper Motor Driver Object.

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Board Features:
  • Control 8V to 35 V stepper motors
  • Compatible with both unipolar and bipolar stepper motors
  • Full-step, half-step, quarter-step, eighth-step, and sixteenth-step resolutions
  • Onboard current-limiting adjustment potentiometer protects the module and motors
  • Deliver up to 1.2A per phase as-is, or up to 2A per phase with additional cooling
  • Black four-layer, 2 oz copper PCB provides heat dissipation
  • Breadboard-friendly form factor with pre-soldered 0.1″ male header pins
A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Board Specifications:
  • Operating voltage range: 8 to 35 V
  • Continuous current per phase, no coooling: 1.2A
  • Continuous current per phase, with cooling: 2 A
  • Logic voltage range: 3 to 5.5 V
  • Microstep resolutions: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
  • Form factor: 16-pin DIP, fully assembled
  • PCB Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.8 in (15.24 x 20.32 mm)


Resource Links

Setting the Current Limit on Pololu Stepper Motor Driver Carriers (YouTube)

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