PCF8574 I2C LCD Demo

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Table of Contents

The PCF8574 I2C LCD uses just two lines to interface: SDA (serial data) and SCL (serial clock), plus 5VDC and Vss. This LCD, which is available from Parallax with yellow or blue backlight, was extensively demonstrated in the Propeller 2 Live Forum: Spin2 for Beginners Series with JonnyMac. The YouTube video demonstrating the code is linked under Additional Resources. 

Three programs are included in this Quick Byte:

The 02_jm_lcd_pcf8574_demo.spin2 and jm_lcd_pcf8574.spin objects are a complete, documented examples with all of the methods to display text and decimals, position the cursor, control the backlight, etc. 

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Table of Contents
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Love these and the whole Quick Byte idea! I reminds me of the Tiny Tutorials, but it is even more compact and easy to digest anytime!


so no problem with 3.3 v P2 I/O and 5V i2c lcd ?

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