Linda Gracey donates $1,250 to Parallax Future Innovators Fund

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Parallax recieved a $1,250.00 donation from Linda Gracey, mother of Parallax’s Ken and Chip. Linda made the donation in memory of her late husband Charles M. Gracey (Chuck). Chuck retired as a chemical engineer in 1995 and spent the next 23 years of his life being a supporter of Parallax — helping out at trade shows, coding the BS2p module firmware, and being the office cheerleader. He drove 17,000 DEFCON 22 badges to Las Vegas in a big rental truck, too. Chuck would take customer-returned hardware and re-gift it to students, until we talked him into donating new products. Chuck inspired Chip’s creativity with early computers, tools and, business leadership on the Parallax Board of Directors.

Table of Contents
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WOW! So cool.

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