$1,200 Donation Made to Parallax Future Innovators Fund

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An anonymous donor from the east coast of the United States recently sent us a $1,200.00 check “for the kids” with a letter request that we ship hardware to students who can’t afford it and exhibit the potential or interest to develop new skills. The donor was likely inspired by the presence of a 10-year-old on our Propeller 2 Live Forum who listened intently and started programming the P2 amidst the presence of many 50+ year old engineers. This particular student, Kevin A., was the recipient of a free package from Parallax. 

The importance of this check is far more than the currency amount. The anonymous donor basically caused us to develop a new program at Parallax called the Future Innovators Fund! Parallax now has a fund to support students who are recommended to receive a kit of ours, at no cost! Based on the recommendation of another adult, students can be nominated to receive anything from our shop: cyber:bots, microcontrollers, sensors, micro:bits, to further their learning which may be otherwise inhibited due to economics, socioeconomics, or simply outpacing what’s available at school.  

The Future Innovators Fund is to be announced February 2021! 

Table of Contents
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More good news, Ken and Team Parallax. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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