Henning Biomedical Medical Corporation – Robotic Laser for Tissue Penetration

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Table of Contents

Henning Biomedical Medical Corporation in Meadow Vista CA has developed a robot controlled laser system which delivers IR wavelengths uniquely suited for deep tissue penetration with precision and consistency. Hennings Biomedical is in their final development stages and is applying for FDA approval on their system.

The heart of this system is a Parallax Activity Board using the Propeller 1 microcontroller. The Propeller is ideally matched for controlling this real time biomedical system. The single controller must monitor and continuously update a touch screen display, measure and display the temperature of exposure, control light source range from the patient, as well as monitor the temperature threshold. It also monitors the cooling levels, multiple patient controlled push button switches, the fluid coolant level, and a watchdog safety system. The Propeller also controls 2 servo motors which move the light source precisely over the scanning area.

The Propeller’s high clock speed of 80 MHz and availability of 8 separate processors made the real-time nature of this system easy to implement. Propeller also allows flexibility in programming languages (C programming language, SPIN, a Parallax native language, and PASM which is the Parallax based assembly language). 

The Activity Board has onboard both 3.3 and 5-volt supplies as well as high current outputs for driving the servo motors. There is also a microSD card available for data logging. An add-on card will allow access to WIFI too if required.

Table of Contents
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