Henning Biomedical Medical Corporation – Robotic Laser for Tissue Penetration

Henning Biomedical Medical Corporation in Meadow Vista CA has developed a robot controlled laser system which delivers IR wavelengths uniquely suited for deep tissue penetration with precision and consistency. Hennings Biomedical is in their final development stages and is applying for FDA approval on their system. The heart of this system is a Parallax Activity […]

DropCopter Automates Pollination of Orchard Crops

BlocklyProp is an interesting combination – a fun, colorful high-level programming interface customized for the very capable Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller. Students may first notice similarities with MIT’s screen-programming tool Scratch, but quickly see they have many commands for controlling electronic circuits and physical hardware. Experienced product developers are taking BlocklyProp more seriously and it’s […]