Display, GUI and Multimedia Options with the Propeller 2

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Table of Contents

Display, GUI and Multimedia Options with the Propeller 2 with Raymond Allen on Wednesday, June 24th at 8:00 am Pacific

Propeller 2 Live forum - early adapter series

This week’s presentation is by Ray Allen, a Parallax community member for at least 15 years. Ray started with Parallax on the BASIC Stamp 2, moved to the Propeller 1, and will demonstrate how the Propeller 2 can be used to drive displays (including video), including the hardware and software required to make a project. If you’re ready to learn, lurk, or ask questions, this is a unique opportunity to see how the Propeller 2 forum comes to life as a real, live, working community! 

About the time choices — we have two filters for considering the presentation time. We consider the time which is convenient for the presenter and try to accommodate at least the Australian or European audience in their morning or evening time. If you can’t make it, we’ll always post the YouTube video afterwards.  

Table of Contents
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