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These things happened today: Added a few more product categories Added bottom menu bar. It’s a widget in the Footer for those keeping score at home. Installed site and database backups that run every four hours. Because things happen.

Display, GUI and Multimedia Options with the Propeller 2

Propeller 2 Live forum - early adapter series

Display, GUI and Multimedia Options with the Propeller 2 with Raymond Allen on Wednesday, June 24th at 8:00 am Pacific This week’s presentation is by Ray Allen, a Parallax community member for at least 15 years. Ray started with Parallax on the BASIC Stamp 2, moved to the Propeller 1, and will demonstrate how the […]

PLX-DAQ Updated for Excel/Windows 10 and Propeller 2 Early Adopter Progress

Parallax Data Aquisition

Parallax Data Aquisition (PLX-DAQ) Update Streams Data into Excel with Windows 10 PLX-DAQ has been useful in laboratories and classrooms around the world for real-time sensor data collection and subsequent analysis in Excel. However, recent releases of Excel and Windows updates broke our software.    Last week we received an e-mail from an educational customer who […]