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Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller Tests N95 Alternative Face Mask

Dear Community, Paul Voss, a Professor from Smith College and an inventive engineer, has two interesting applications using the Propeller …

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Robot Shield with Arduino Kit

Shield-Bot for Arduino: Classroom Resources for the Educator!

Text here Dear Educators,  You’ve been busy getting started this year! In the last couple of days we’ve set up …

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Propeller 2 Edge board

Propeller 2 Live Forum: Open Discussion, QnA

I recognize we’re a bit late getting this invitation out, but our delays have everything to do with the P2. …

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Audio effects processing on the Propeller 2 with Chip Gracey

Propeller 2 Live Forum: Audio Effects Processing on the Propeller 2 with Chip Gracey

Chip has been enthused about audio for his entire career! This week, he’ll talk about audio-effects processing on the Propeller 2 and …

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Custom Microbit Kits

Parallax Builds Custom Microbit Packages for Distance Learning!

Dear Educational Community,  Over the past week, I’ve received calls on the Educator Hotline (916-701-8625) from instructors wanting to send Parallax electronic …

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New Propeller Tool for Windows

Propeller 2 Live Forum: Propeller Tool for Windows + Wireless Programming

Dear Propeller Community,  It’s already September and we’re counting the days leading to the Propeller 2’s public release. The P2 …

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Parallax Hardware for their K-12 Programs

Educators: Apply for the Technology Grant Program!

American Educators May Request Parallax Hardware for their K-12 Programs Parallax’s educational partner CYBER.ORG made a tremendous announcement today for …

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Smart Pins on the Propeller 2

Propeller 2 Live Forum: Chip Talks about Smart Pins on the P2!

Each pin on the Propeller 2 can perform complex tasks independent of the cogs. There are 32 base modes including …

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Cybersecurity Educational Tutorials with Python on the cyberbot

New Cybersecurity Educational Tutorials with Python on the cyber:bot

Dear Educator,  Since March we’ve trained over 350 educators on the cyber:bot with Python. Thanks to our partnership with, our …

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An Introduction to the Parallax Propeller 2 by Jon McPhalen

Parallax’s P2: Early Adopters Share Their Work in Weekly Presentations

Hello Community, We’ve got something new for those seeking an “early adopter technical adventure.” Most know Parallax for our educational programs, but …

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New Parallax Website!

We have a brand new website to bring you all the latest and greatest Parallax has to offer. Not to worry, our old site is still available and can be accessed at!