Python, BASIC, C and Blockly Robotic Kits and Curriculum

Our turnkey educational program includes a well-developed curriculum, assessment material, and robotic kits that support a variety of programming languages and grade levels. All products are designed for one or two students per kit if distance learning is required. 

Wireless Communication with XBee Series 3 Modules

The XBee Series 3 RF Modules replace the very popular prior versions of Series 1 and 2. The new modules are easily configured with X-CTU and act as a wireless serial cable for a short distance or several miles. We offer the XBee RF Modules, breakout boards, adapters and  code examples for all of our processors, from BlocklyProp to Propeller 2 Spin/PASM (let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for)!

Free Shipping on 12-Pack Plus Kits through August

The popular 12-pack plus kits for classrooms are the best value to equip 12-24 students with Parallax hardware. All of our robots and the new “What’s a Microcontroller? with Python” curriculum are supported in this way.  

Propeller 2 Quick Bytes: 26 Code Examples to Get Started

Quick Bytes cover the P2 programming topics requested by our customers. The examples demonstrate programming tools, smart pin modes (ADC, DAC, serial, PWM), communication protocols (SPI, serial, RF), RGB LEDs, games, and motors. The P2’s parallel processing ability and software-configurable peripherals let these functions can occur on any GPIO!   

LaserPING 2m Rangefinder

Measure distances of objects in the 2-200 cm range with single-pin communication and code-compatibility with the Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors. Highly functional solution for situations involving angled detection surfaces, soft objects, or through clear acrylic!

P2 Edge and P2 Edge Breadboard Bundle

Developers of all backgrounds are getting started with the Propeller 2 Multicore Microcontroller. We’ve assembled a bundle of the most popular items you’re purchasing, including the P2 Edge Module, P2 Edge Breakout Breadboard, and PropPlug with cables into a single package at a discount. Consider joining the P2 Live Forums to ask questions and get up to speed!   

BBC micro:bit v2.0: we're taking your school backorders!

Educators are calling to ask if we have these in stock. The answer is no, and yes! They come and go quickly and we fill orders in the sequence they are received.  


32335 Robot Shield with Arduino - Shield-Bot Kit

Top Six Resources for the Shield-Bot with Arduino The Shield-Bot with Arduino is one of the most popular educational robotic platforms from Parallax. This quick video shows …

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2 x 16 Serial LCD - Blue Backlit (#28901)

New product (#28901): 2×16 Blue Backlit Serial LCD

We’ve got a new Parallax 2 x 16 Serial LCD with Piezo Speaker (Backlit Blue) in stock. This LCD is …

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Future Innovators Fund Kit Recipient, Judah

The Future Innovators Fund started in 2021 thanks to a customer donation. At present, there’s over $3,000 available for specific …

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What’s a Microcontroller? with Python and micro:bit v2.0 Parts Kit Choices Educators launching the new “What’s a Microcontroller? with Python” curriculum in their Fall classes are asking about which kits …

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P2 Edge (#P2-EC) Revision C Adds SD Card Socket, High-Precision Crystal Oscillator, and 5-15VDC Operating Range

The very popular P2 Edge (#P2-EC) is undergoing a revision which adds the following features: High-precision 20 MHz 500 PPB …

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Boe-Bots Used in Nebraska STEM Camp for Blind Students

Nebraska Blind Students Built Robots at STEM Camp Article in Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper Parallax’s educational partner has established …

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