• Start the Journey - Robots for Students 20% Off + Free Shipping through April

    Robots for Students 20% Off + Free Shipping thru April

    Parallax robots travel through classrooms, workshops, and distance learning programs. The original BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot for Arduino, ActivityBot 360°, and cyber:bot with micro:bit are ready to take you places.

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  • All Parallax Servos 30% - 50% Off thru April 2020

    All Servos 30% to 50% Off through April

    Standard.  Continuous Rotation. High Speed  Continuous Rotation.  Feedback 360° High Speed Continuous Rotation, with angular position sensing.

    Whichever servos your project needs, they're on sale now.

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  • Educator Hotline Phone Number Parallax

    Calling All Teachers!

    Take advantage of our Educator Hotline—just for you! Speak directly to a member of our educational team who can answer your ed-tech questions, arrange quotes, discuss Professional Development opportunities, and more.

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  • Parallax is offering Professional Development for 2020! Sign up today!

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    We're filling our 2020 Professional Development course calendar!

    Do you want to learn how to teach with Python (for microcontrollers), Arduino, or visual BlocklyProp? Learn how to program using these popular languages with robotics and electronics.  Click the button below see the schedule, or click here to learn more!