What’s a Microcontroller? with Python and Micro:bit: Zoom Meeting Part 1

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Table of Contents

This is a must-attend informational meeting for any middle school and high school educator using the Micro:bit and Python! The registration link below is for Part 1 on February 23rd; be sure to register for Part 2 on March 23rd too. If you’re unable to attend, please register so we can send you the YouTube video link to watch on your own schedule. 

Parallax and cyber.org have teamed up to create the “What’s a Microcontroller?” for Python with the micro:bit v2.0 Module — a new curriculum series that provides an introduction to Python scripting, electronics, sensors and microcontrollers. Parallax engineer Andy Lindsay and Cyber.org’s Tommy Gober will present previews and obtain your feedback in two Zoom meetings, a month apart. Middle school and high school technical educators and especially those using the cyber:bot should register to learn about the scope, hardware, and new curriculum planned for release mid-June in time for fall delivery. 

Registration Link!

Table of Contents
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