Raspberry Pi Pico Board Header Installation Service

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Table of Contents

Parallax Installs the 1×20 Headers on Your Raspberry Pi Pico Boards

In response to customer inquiries and one from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we’re now offering header installation service on the Raspberry Pi Pico Boards. The cost is $3.00/Pico and this includes two 1×20 headers. Above, you’ll see the results from an internal test we conducted before formalizing the process. We have an ACE Selective Solder machine for this purpose; the results are very consistent, reliable, and nice-looking. The actual headers being used protrude less above the top of the Pico PCB than shown (this was an internal test, before we made a fixture).

The manufacturing process is like this:

  • We insert two (2) 1 x 20 headers (Adam Tech #PH1-20-UA / Digi-Key #2057-PH1-20-UA-ND) into an inverted Pico in our assembly fixture
  • Load the fixture into our ACE Selective Solder machine, several modules up at once
  • No-clean flux is sprayed along the header PCB pads
  • Pure tin (100%) solder is applied through a solder bubble
  • Pico modules removed and cleaned with alcohol wipes
  • Pico modules repackaged for shipment to the customer

The sales and customer service side of the process is like this:

  • Call (916-624-8333) or e-mail our sales department so we know your Picos are coming
  • Send a purchase order for Parallax stock code #10000 Pico Header Installation Service at $3.00/Pico or provide credit card information
  • Send your Pico modules (minimum order quantity of 100 at a time) to Parallax Sales Department, 599 Menlo Drive, Ste 100, Rocklin, CA 95765
  • We install the headers, pack the Pico boards, and ship back to you (you pay return shipping via UPS, at our discounted rate)
  • If you use a material requisition process (MRP) software, use 14 days as the lead time
We don’t sell the Pico boards. They’re available from a number of suppliers, though. 
Table of Contents
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