Propeller 2 Live Forum: Propeller Tool for Windows + Wireless Programming

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Table of Contents

Dear Propeller Community, 

It’s already September and we’re counting the days leading to the Propeller 2’s public release. The P2 will be introduced at the same time as a new Parallax web site, a secret P2 product many of you have already seen, receipt of the first order of production P2X8C4M64P chips, and 23 MikroE “Click” modules with Spin2 objects and C libraries. Since FlexGUI can communicate with Spin2/PASM objects I’d also be happy to coordinate these library development efforts with whoever is interested in doing that work. The expectation is that the C libraries would also be available on our Propeller GitHub, but we need somebody to work with on that project. If this fits your skills and interest please get in contact with me. Eric, is this a job for you?  

The Propeller 2 Live Forum – Early Adopter Series YouTube is located on a YouTube Playlist in case you couldn’t find them.  

I spoke with Chip a few minutes ago and he’s back in his shop, working through the P2 Visual Debug tools. At this point we will offer nine different views: Logic Analyzer; Fourier Transform Display; Spectrograph Display; Scope; X/Y Scope; Polar Scope; Plotter; Terminal; and Bitmap. The process for releasing the graphing tools is that they are first published in PNut for testing among the community. Based on your feedback and our bug removal success, Jeff will incorporate the graphing tools into the Propeller Tool for Windows. 

And finally, it’s time to register for Wednesday’s presentation “Propeller Tool and Wireless Programming with the WX Module” from Jeff Martin and Michael Mulholland. The registration link is below; please make sure you’re signed up since I cross-linked a prior e-mail to Chip’s presentation a few weeks ago. As usual, we’ll record the live forum for anybody who misses it and stop the recording when the presentation has ended. We’ll keep the live forum open for anything of interest as long as people stay on-line. I’ll be sure Chip is on-hand for question/answer, too.  

See you on Wednesday! Note the time is at 11:00 am Pacific — earlier than usual to accommodate Michael’s time zone in Europe. 


Ken Gracey
Parallax Inc. 

New Propeller Tool for Windows

Prepare yourself for a full hour-and-half of education and QnA from Jeff and Michael! The first part of the presentation shows how to use the Propeller Tool for Windows, obtaining source code, specifying top files, managing directories, and different compilation methods (plus a few little-known tricks!). The second portion of the presentation introduces the WX Adapter for the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board, and how to configure the WX Module for wireless programming of the Propeller 2. The WX Module is in stock and the WX Adapter for the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board should be ready for shipment in the coming days so others may try the setup on their own systems. At last check we were waiting on a component to arrive from Digi-Key.   

Table of Contents
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