Propeller 2 Live Forum: Chip Talks about Smart Pins on the P2!

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Table of Contents
Smart Pins on the Propeller 2

Each pin on the Propeller 2 can perform complex tasks independent of the cogs. There are 32 base modes including DAC/ADC, PWM, quadrature, measurements, triggering scope, USB, and serial. Cogs only need to interact with Smart Pins when transacting high-level state information. Groups of Smart Pins can be run in unison to simplify cog interactions. This presentation from Chip should answer the community’s need for examples. Jon Titus will join to show the current state of the documentation, too. 

Jon McPhalen programming tips for the Parallax Propeller 2

Everybody knows JonnyMac: the author, actor, coder, and inventor. JonnyMac has been a Parallax programmer for 25 years and is the creator of almost all of the Spin2 code objects in the Parallax GitHub. Jon has developed numerous commercial products using the Propeller 1 in the areas of laser tag, camera control, animatronics, and entertainment. He’s well-respected among his peers for producing professional, tested, consistent code examples and a useful code template. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to improve your programming practices and speed your own efforts, this is a Zoom meeting you won’t want to miss!  

Propeller Tool and Wireless programming with the WX Module for windows

Prepare yourself for a full hour-and-half of education and QnA from Jeff and Michael! The first part of the presentation shows how to use the Propeller Tool for Windows, including where to get source code, specifying top files and managing directories and different compilation methods (plus a few little known tricks!). The second portion of the presentation introduces the WX Adapter for the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board, and how to configure the WX Module for wireless programming of the Propeller 2. The WX Module is in stock and shipping already; we hope to have the WX Adapter for the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board ready for shipment at least a week before this presentation so others may try the setup on their own systems.  

Table of Contents
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