TFmini-S LiDAR Module - 12m

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Product Description

The TFmini-S is a short-range, time-of-flight LiDAR sensor with +/-1% accuracy over 6 to 12 meter distances, and +/-6 cm accuracy down to 10 cm distances. The TFmini-S detects a wide variety of surfaces indoors and outdoors including water, grass, snow, trees and bushes. It sports a high sampling rate up to 1000 Hz and narrow detection cone of 3.6°.

The TFmini-S has similar specifications to the TFmini Plus, except it operates at half the resolution and does not have a dust/water resistant enclosure. The TFmini-S has a lower cost and is suitable for indoor applications. The easiest interface is to use with the TFmini-S is a UART communication protocol and 5V power.  The sensor ships with convenient wire-to-board cables.

The TFmini-S  is an ideal choice when the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor or Laser Ping))) Rangefinder detection distance is too short, and the LightWare LiDAR sensors have a greater range (and price point) than your application needs. For a complete comparison of all Parallax distance detection sensors see the Rangefinder Comparison Chart.


  • 10 cm to 12m range with a high 1000 Hz refresh rate
  • Eye-safe class 1 laser light source provides 1 cm resolution
  • Small size and mounting holes for easy integration with your project

Application Ideas:

  • Parking Position Sensing
  • Model Aircraft Altimeter
  • Occupancy Counting
  • Security System
  • Human / Machine Interface


  • Detection range: 10 cm to 12 m
  • Accuracy: ±6 cm @< 6 m),  ±1% @> 6 m
  • Resolution: 1 cm
  • Refresh Rate: 1 to 1000 Hz
  • Ambient light immunity: 70,000 lux
  • Field of View: 3.6°
  • Voltage requirements: 5V ±0.5V
  • Current requirements: 110 mA average, 140 mA peak
  • Communication: Serial, I2C
  • Dimensions:(15 x 42 x 16 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -4 to 140 °F (-20°C to 60 °C)

Additional Information

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