STEM Sensor Class Pack for BlocklyProp

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Product Description

The STEM Sensor Class Pack for BlocklyProp provides 12 classroom-ready sets of popular sensors as a companion to the Propeller development boards in your ActivityBot 360° Robot Kits or Propeller FLiP Try-it Kits.  This collection of our most popular sensors equips your students to create projects of their own — with or without robotics.

This pack includes our most popular sensors: accelerometers, laser rangefinders, color sensors, light to frequency converters and temperature/humidity sensors. It also includes human interface devices — color OLED displays, joysticks, and RGB LEDs — and the supporting jumper wires to connect everything. See the Details tab for a complete parts listing.

The STEM Sensor Class Pack was produced based on the BlocklyProp tutorials we offer for these sensors and devices (see Resource Links below). Educators may choose to keep the class working in parallel on the same projects or use the sensors for student-directed projects. Often, educators ask students to consider the hardware available to them, identify a project, construct and build it, and present it to the rest of the students to meet both English communication and science requirements.

Application Ideas:

  • Use the ColorPal to identify and sort fruit, candy or paint samples from the hardware store.
  • Measure and graph incline and movement using the Memsic 2-axis Accelerometer as an electronic wearable from a student with dancing or yoga skills.
  • Create a simple game of pong using the 2-axis joystick and the 96×64 RGB OLED display.
  • Measure rate of acceleration of common rolling objects (car or ball) on an incline the LaserPING 2m Rangefinder.
  • Log your classroom’s environmental data over break with the CM2302 Temp & Humidity Sensor and TSL230 Light to Frequency Converter
  • Graph data from any sensor attached to a physical device (bicycle, robot) on the 98×64 RGB OLED Display

Kit Contents:

  • (12) – 96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module (#28087)
  • (12) – MEMSIC 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer (#28017)
  • (12) – LaserPING 2m Rangefinder (#28041)
  • (12) – ColorPAL Color Sensor (#28380)
  • (12) – TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Converter  (#604-00084)
  • (2) – WS2812 LED 10-pack (#28086)
  • (12) – 2-axis Joystick (#27800)
  • (12) – CM2302 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor (#28059)
  • (36) – 3-pin extension cables, 6″ (#800-00060)
  • (12) – Jumper wires, MM, 100mm, 40pc (#800-00065)
  • (12) – Jumper wires, FF, 100 mm, 40pc (#800-00061)

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