Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit


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Product Description

This compact, high-quality chassis kit turns any of our Board of Education development platforms into a rolling robot.  The included electronics pack includes all of the components needed to build three sensor systems for autonomous roaming robot.

Key Features:

  • Upgrades your Propeller Board of Education or BASIC Stamp Board of Education Full Kit into a rolling robot
  • Also compatible with the BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board or Board of Education Shield for Arduino with a few extra parts (see Notes under Details)
  • Three sensor systems (touch whiskers, light sensors, infrared object detectors) let your robot roam on its own
  • Sturdy brushed-aluminum chassis features holes and slots for mounting sensors and accessories
  • Free tutorials and example code for BASIC Stamp and Propeller
  • Replacement components are available for easy maintenance

Kit Contents:

Note: If using a BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board, you will also need a 4 AA Battery Holder with Tinned Leads and two additional 3-Pin Single Row Headers.  If using the Board of Education Shield for Arduino, you will also need one Boe-Boost module, three 1/2″ nylon spacers, three 4/40 nylon nuts, and three 4/40 7/8″ panhead screws.  The Robotics Shield Kit is a complete option for Arduino Uno, Mega, and Duemilanove modules.

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