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This set of hardware expands the chassis of an ActivityBot 360° Robot to accommodate the extra gear needed to turn your ActivityBot 360° into a Parallaxy Telepresence Robot.  See the Details Tab below for the other items required.

Parallaxy is designed for internet control and livestreaming* on the platform (forked from A complete Parallaxy features a Raspberry Pi, power system, Logitech webcam, and a speaker, riding on top of a modified ActivityBot 360°. This kit prepares the chassis for this extra gear you purchase on your own — see the list of model numbers under the Details tab.  Find links to assembly and programming instructions at the wiki for Parallaxy.


  • Expands the ActivityBot 360° to fit the extra gear needed to create a Parallaxy Telepresence Robot
  • Round laser-cut Delrin bottom plate resists chipping and helps keep Parallaxy from becoming trapped against objects
  • Round laser-cut top plate is slighty smaller diameter to accomodate a sleeve enclosure of your making
  • Chassis plate slots and zip ties assist with cable management
  • All the additional nuts, screws, standoffs, brackets, and spacers required but not shipped with the ActivityBot 360° are included

*Note to customers: if you purchase a Parallaxy for yourself or as a gift, it is important to know that you’ll be putting this robot on the internet for others to access. Depending on the environment in which you place your Parallaxy, you could be inviting an invasion of your privacy since the robots have microphones, text to speech, and video capability. For this reason, many choose to install their Parallaxy robots in controlled environments – closed spaces with items of environmental interest for the robot users, like balls, balloons, walls or windows (but not people). We encourage you to be a responsible roboticist and protect the privacy of yourself and others.  

Kit Contents:

  • (1) – Parallaxy Robot Bottom Plate -Delrin (#721-32800)
  • (1) – Parallaxy Robot Top Plate – Acrylic (#721-32801)
  • (2) – Universal “L” Aluminum Bracket (#720-00011)
  • (8) – Screw, #4-40 x 3/8″, panhead, steel (#700-00002)
  • (8) – Screw, #4-40 x 1/4″, panhead, steel (#700-00028)
  • (4) – Screw, #4-40 x 1 3/4″,  panhead, steel (#710-00041)
  • (2) – Screw, #4-40 x 1/2″, panhead, Nylon (#710-00050)
  • (1) – Screw, #1/4 20 x 3/8″,  Nylon, black (# 710-00051)
  • (8) – Nut, #4-40, steel (#700-00003)
  • (8) – Nylon-core locknut, #4-40, 1/4″ (#700-00024)
  • (4) – Standoff, #4-40 x 5/8″, round, aluminum (#713-00001)
  • (4) – Standoff , #4-40 x 1.25″ round, aluminum (#713-00002)
  • (4) – Spacer, #4 x 1.25″, round aluminum  (#713-00003)
  • (1) – Spacer, 0.060″, Delrin (#713-00027)
  • (15) – Zip Tie, Thin 5.9″, Black (#700-00099)

Other Items Required:

NOTE: This kit does NOT include a webcam, speaker, USB battery brick, Raspberry Pi, or 1 ft USB cable. Those parts are required in addition to an ActivityBot 360° Robot Kit and the hardware shown above in order assemble a complete Parallaxy Telepresence Robot for use with (forked from Parallax does not sell these items separately. 

  • Logitech CM920 WebCam
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Honk USB Speaker HK-5002
  • TalentCell YB1203000-USB 12V Power Bank
  • USB A to micro B cable, 1 ft – various. Any length may be used but longer cords mean more cord management.

Note: Parallaxy uses the Feedback 360° servos (#900-00360) with built-in encoder signalling. If you have an older ActivityBot with external encoders, you will also need to remove the external encoders and obtain replacement servos. Don’t install them until you have read the Parallaxy assembly instructions!

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