Infrared Receiver for Parallax Small Robots


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Product Description

Infrared receiver with 38 kHz carrier frequency, for use as a replacement part with the following small robot kits:

  • BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot
  • Robot Shield Kit for Arduino
  • Propeller ActivityBot
  • cyber:bot for micro:bit

Two are included in this Small Robot Electronics Pack that is compatible with all of our Parallax Small Robots.  It is also suitable for receiving infrared signals from our Universal Remote. For robotics navigation activities, we recommend purchasing replacements in pairs, since models supplied in kits may vary.

Note: for the original BASIC Stamp SumoBot robot, please order #350-00014.

Beginning June 2014, the Sharp GP1Ux511QS was included in all Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot and ActivityBot Robot kits.

Additional Information

Weight 0.0006 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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