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3 Function Infrared Universal Remote Overview:

This 3 function infrared universal remote controller is programmable for use with many different brands of televisions and other devices. But, we think it is most fun when used to control your robot!  Signals from this remote are compatible with the IR Receiver included in the Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot, and ActivityBot robot kits.  Your robot’s microcontroller brain can decode the remote’s signals, and then drive or blink lights or make sounds in response. Our IR Remote tutorials and projects show you how.

The remote comes un-programmed; use its enclosed instructions or follow the video above to set it to Sony protocol for use with Parallax projects.

  • Large number are easy to read and push
  • 5-button direction pad and four additional function keys provide more options for custom applications
  • Manual included to program the remote for compatibility with dozens fo different TV manufacturer’s protocols
  • Example applications or code support for BASIC Stamp, Arduino, Propeller C, and BlocklyProp
  • 10-digit keypad
  • 5-button directional pad
  • 4 additional function keys
  • Power and Setup keys for programming
  • Power Requirements: Two 1.5 V AA batteries (3 VDC), not included
  • Communication: IR Modulated at 38.5 kHz
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 2 x 1.37 in (171.45 x 50.8 x 34.7 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -32 to +158 °F (0 to +70 °C)
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