P2 Edge (#P2-EC) Revision C Adds SD Card Socket, High-Precision Crystal Oscillator, and 5-15VDC Operating Range

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The very popular P2 Edge (#P2-EC) is undergoing a revision which adds the following features:

  • High-precision 20 MHz 500 PPB accurate crystal oscillator (less than 15.768 seconds clock error per year) for precise signal measurements 
  • 5-15 VDC operating range for customer convenience and less out-of-spec power supply damage 
  • SD card socket on the front of PCB for additional boot-up options (from SD card, or SD card plus serial) or data storage

The first units came off of our SMT line this week and tested correctly except for some inconsistent PCB failures which caused us to reject the entire batch. The drill pattern didn’t step and repeat properly from our output files and the PCB manufacturer didn’t catch the problem either. 

We have already ordered new PCBs and expect to have these back on the production line by early September. This puts them for sale around mid-September. Until then, we still have about 110 P2-EC Rev. B units for sale. When the current P2-EC Rev. B units are out of stock we are moving to the Rev. C. 

You may also wish to watch yesterday’s recording of the P2 Live Forum. The P2-EC Rev. C was discussed in the first 30 minutes. 

What to do with the scrapped PCBs? These make perfect keychains, so we’ll depanelize them and put them into online orders! 

Table of Contents
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It provides a native interpreter and compiler, even interpreting loop structures.
It doesn’t require the editor, cross compiler, loader cycle, only a dumb terminal.