Propeller Activity Board WX Schematic

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A PDF file containing the schematic for the open-source Propeller Activity Board WX, a development board with the 8-core Propeller P8X32A microcontroller system. Editable DipTrace files are also available.

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32912-Propeller-Activity-Board-WX-Schematic-Rev-B-and-C.pdf183.85 KBWed, 2017-09-27 17:27
32912-Propeller-Activity-Board-WX-Rev-A-Design-Files.pdf293.21 KBFri, 2016-01-29 17:31

Download Version & Details

Rev B/C

A PDF file containing the schematic for Rev B/C. See the Editable DipTrace files zip archive for a spreadsheet of the bill of materials.

Rev A

Original release; a PDF file containing the schematic, placement diagram, and bill of material for Rev A.