Customer buys Propeller 2 hardware and makes donation to Future Innovators Fund!

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Today a customer ordered several kits of Propeller 2 hardware for their laboratory and also made a $100.00 donation to the Future Innovators Fund. This kind of customer is certainly paying it forward to students and we appreciate the support. The sponsor wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you very much! 

Moments later we received another $100.00 donation. 

Also today, we received two nominations for hardware to go to students. According to the teachers, the high school student who is “the best engineering student in my class for 31 years” and another is a middle schooler who “understands everything and consistently shares with others how to achieve success in the technology class”. So, it appears we’ll be sending out a Propeller 2 Developer Bundle and cyber:bot to these students!

Table of Contents
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