BBC micro:bit v2.0s Have Shipped to Parallax; Place Pre-orders Today

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This morning (November 17, 2020) we received a shipping confirmation that the new BBC micro:bit v2.0 modules are on their way to Parallax. If you’re a cyber:bot user or educator who would like to evaluate some of the new features on the v2.0 (like expanded memory for Python scripts, microphone, and speaker) then we suggest you get at least one on order today! You’ll be able to participate in our winter/spring Zoom workshops for educators, too. Announcements for the winter and spring events are coming in December.  

Pre-order the Micro:bit v2.0 Module 
Pre-order the Micro:bit v2.0 Module Go Bundle (includes a battery pack and cable) 

Table of Contents
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Great price! Better order two. 😉

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