TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Converter

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Product Description

The TSL235R light-to-frequency converter combines a silicon photodiode and a current-to-frequency converter on a single monolithic CMOS-integrated circuit. The output is a square wave (50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity. Because it is TTL-compatible, the output allows direct interface to a microcontroller or other logic circuitry. The device has been temperature-compensated for the ultraviolet-to-visible light range of 320 nm to 700 nm and responds over the light range of 320 nm to 1050 nm.

Key Features:

  • Communicates directly with a Microcontroller
  • Single-Supply Operation
  • Compact 3-Lead clear plastic package
  • High-resolution conversion of light intensity to frequency with no external components

Application Ideas:

  • Camera exposure
  • Dimming displays
  • Machine vision

Note: Power-supply lines must be decoupled by a 0.01 µF to 0.1 µF capacitor with short leads placed close to the TSL235R. The output of the device is designed to drive a standard TTL or CMOS logic input over short distances. If lines greater than 12 inches are used on the output, a buffer or line driver is recommended

  • Nonlinearity Error (Typically 0.2% at 100 kHz)
  • Stable 150 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient
  • Supply Voltage: 2.7 – 5.5 VDC
  • Operating Temperature range: -25 – 70 °C
  • Typical current draw: 2 mA
  • Output Frequency: 200 – 300 kHz

Additional Information

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


Resource Links

TSL235R Light To Frequency Converter Arduino Demo (Parallax Learn site)

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