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iCsys AS of Norway – Intelligent Control Systems

iCsys AS of Norway designs and manufactures electronic control equipment for remote control systems to customers all over the world in many different segments. Examples of use include control systems for offshore subsea equipment and control of electrical bike-sharing systems.

Sebastian Hennig, Project Manager for iCsys says “The control cards are specially made to interface in industrial standards for communication. For many of our products, we have used the Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller for low-level hardware interface. It is used to read and write inputs and outputs and simplify the tasks for higher-level processes. Programming languages we use are Spin 1 and PASM. We see it as a tremendous advantage that we can combine PASM and Spin 1 since we use assembly for time-critical tasks. We have already acquired the engineering sample of the Propeller 2 and are in the process of familiarization for evaluation of use in new products.” 

iCSys Control Module
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