Educator’s Workshop: Electronics with micro:bit and Python – November 15, 17, 19

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Parallax is releasing a series of new lessons designed to add a pre-engineering focus to maker programs. Combining circuit-building, Python scripting, and signal measurement, these lessons support career technology education (CTE) programs in coding, product design, and manufacturing. The barriers to use are low: a micro:bit module and some breadboard-friendly components from Parallax in one convenient kit! These are the learning goals of our workshop:

  • Get set up for programming and measurements with the micro:bit Python editor and Parallax cyberscope.
  • Learn how circuits and scripts are used in common product designs, and how they can be applied to inventions.
  • Learn electricity basics and science and engineering principles as they are applied in new and fun circuit applications.  
  • Learn how to build and test circuits with scripts and measurement equipment. Expand the micro:bit module’s built-in capabilities—display, buttons, radio, temperature, tilt, compass, audio—with circuits the students can build on a breadboard.
  • Apply the concepts with projects in infrared, accelerometers, servo motors and a circuit-based multimeter.
  • Review the student and teaching resources for the program.

The process is simple. Apply for the workshop at the link below, we email approvals, we send you the hardware kit for free, and email a link to sign up for Zoom sessions.


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