Propeller 2

Teaching College-level Engineering Courses with the P2 Featuring Professor Gavin Garner

Gavin will provide an update on his book used to teach the Mechatronics class at the University of Virginia with the Propeller 2.

Integrating the P2-EC Module into PCB Layouts, and a Simple Project You Can Build with Michael Mulholland

This is a two-part series. The first portion provides some best layout practices for integrating the P2-EC Module into your own PCB. The second presents a sample Propeller 2 Project Board design.

CANCELLED – Propeller 2 Expo

The Propeller 2 Expo planned for March 2022 has been cancelled due to the continuing pandemic.

P2 P2 LED Cube with Stephen Moraco

This community project started by Stephen Moraco set the goal of creating a six-sided 64x64 RGB LED cube from HUB75 panels!

Propeller Tool Updates: Single-step Debugging and Floating Point Math with Chip Gracey

The presentation will include examples you can load and run on your own Propeller 2 setup, so have some hardware handy!

FlexSpin Updates with Eric Smith

See how Eric continues to improve FlexSpin, an alternative compiler for the Propeller 2 that runs on Mac, Windows or Linux under FlexProp.

Propeller Platinum Platform (P3) Controller with Francesco Santandrea

See Francesco Santandrea of Italy provide an overview of this reconfigurable industrial development system built around the P2-EC Module.

P2 Universal Motor Driver and Heavy Duty Robot System with Chip Gracey

Interested in heavy-duty, precision-controlled robotic platforms, like the ones you’ve seen from Parallax in the past? Get a developer's update with an intro to the electronics and hardware we're creating.

Propeller 2 Documentation Update: PASM and Spin Guide Progress Report with Jeff Martin

Jeff will demonstrate how to use the PASM2 documentation as a learning tool and reference manual. 

Touch Screen Holiday Lighting Control Project with JonnyMac – Live Coding and Building (3-Part Series)

In this 3-part series, learn to configure and control a touch-screen display and RGB LEDs using the Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller! Click View Event button for parts required to follow along.