Using Smart Pins to Measure Frequency Output of TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor

Description Through the use Propeller P2 smart pins it is easy to measure the frequency, periods and duty cycle of input signals. This Quick Byte shows how to monitor the output of a TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor. The output of the TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor is a square wave that varies from 0 Hz (total darkness) to […]

Configuring Visual Studio Code for Programming the P2 on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Description This Quick Byte details the setup to configure three open source software tools to program the Propeller 2 (the P2, or P2X8C4M64P) on Windows under Visual Studio Code (VSC). The process for Mac, RaspPi, and Linux operating systems is similar and not fully detailed in this post – but the differences are shown on […]