MAX7219 LED Display SPI Demo

Description This Quick Byte consists of three Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) examples using the MAX7219 LED Display Driver and the 8-Digit 7-Segment Digital LED Display (#26972).  The objects show SPI in three different ways: using Spin2, PASM, and smart pins. A video entitled “Propeller 2 Live Forum: Spin2 Beginner Series SPI Interfacing the MAX7219 with […]

Multiple Serial Port (8 UART – 16 Tx/Rx) Object

Description The Propeller 2 can manage multiple UARTs simultaneously and be an aggreator of many serial inputs. This driver is useful for interfacing with multiple serial devices (GPS, sensors, etc) functioning in parallel. This application uses smart pins and only one of eight cogs in the Propeller 2. This example shows how 8 full-duplex UARTs […]