Shield-Bot for Arduino: Classroom Resources for the Educator!

Robot Shield with Arduino Kit

Dear Educators,  You’ve been busy getting started this year! In the last couple of days we’ve set up software on Chromebooks for Arduino programming, built your customized micro:bit module kits, moved you to the new BlocklyProp Solo, toured your classrooms, and shipped you a bunch of kits. Some CTE educators have inherited labs of Parallax hardware and […]

Propeller 2 Live Forum: Open Discussion, QnA

Propeller 2 Edge board

I recognize we’re a bit late getting this invitation out, but our delays have everything to do with the P2. Today’s meeting is a wide-open, techno free-for-all discussion. Chip says he’s got a few things to share and we’ll let him talk about the P2 Edge, too. Sign up below!  2:00 pm Pacific, usual time and […]