Propeller 2 Live Forum: Four New Presentations Scheduled!

Graphical Debugging with Spin 2 from Chip Gracey

Hello, Propeller 2 Community:  Four new Propeller 2 Live Forum meetings have been added with registration links, below. The Zoom meetings seem to work very well as a weekly “system” and will continue long after the early adopter phase is complete. Inside Parallax, we’re currently a bit overwhelmed as we try to work towards a […]

Scribbler 3 Teacher Meetup on Wednesday, Robot Sale and Disinfecting Process

Practical guide to Implementing a robotics unit with the parallax Scribbler S3 with John Kauffman

Dear Educators,  We’ve received many calls and messages over the past month from educators who are using Parallax hardware to support their distance learning programs. This week, you’ll receive more e-mail than normal from us as we try to support you in any teaching efforts involving Parallax. We want to make sure you’re up to date on […]