Getting Started

We are proud to supply tutorials, downloadable documentation and code, and free technical support (toll-free 888-99-STAMP, for our products.

Our dedicated online forums community is always available to assist you in your efforts and aid you in your success.


I Am New to Electronics

BASIC Stamp programmingOur BASIC Stamp microcontroller is programmed in an easy to learn language called PBASIC, and our experiment-based tutorials make learning fun. Our curriculum is recommended for ages 14 and up. Once you have learned the "basics" you can begin incorporating sensors and other accessories into your projects.


I'd Prefer to Program an Arduino

Robot Shield With ArduinoParallax developed a shield for the Arduino microcontroller based on the popular form factor of our Board Of Education (BOE) development board. The solderless breadboard, servo ports, and onboard voltage regulator make for accessible programming. Online tutorials. Learn site.

I'm Ready to Go Multicore

Propeller programming boardThe open source Propeller 1 chip, which features eight 32-bit processors and a shared memory and system clock, makes true independent and cooperative simultaneous multi-processing possible. The Propeller chip may be programmed in our object-based Spin language, low-level Assembly, or with a C Compiler.

I Am an Educator

Boe-Bot robotParallax has been in the business of helping educators keep students engaged as they learn since 1997. Suitable for students 14 and up. We host an educator's discussion forum, offer quantity discounts, and we can put together custom kits for your class' personalized track. And we offer a 15% discount* on retail prices on all school purchase orders.
  • ActivityBot Robot Kit - The open source and multicore Propeller is the brains of this robot. Programmed in C on the Mac or PC. Online tutorials.
  • Boe-Bot Robot Kit - Our original education robot is controlled by a BASIC Stamp and comes with a printed book of tutorials.
  • Robot Shield with Arduino - Prefer Arduino programming? Use this robust platform and online tutorials to introduce robotics to your classroom.

*For 15% educator discount on a purchase, simply send a school purchase order to To use a district-issued purchase card, write "call for card" on the P.O. For samples or Educators-only forum access, email with (name, job title, subject/course, grade level, school name and address, phone, email). Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or special price and are deducted from the quantity 1 price. If a higher posted quantity discount applies for specific products, it will be given. Custom Kits excluded.