Getting Started

Parallax offers a variety of products, from microcontrollers and robots, to sensors and industrial controllers. We also offer tutorials, downloadable documentation and code, free technical support (toll-free 888-99-STAMP,, and a thriving online community to assist you in your efforts and aid you in your success.

I Am New to Electronics

HomeWork BoardOur BASIC Stamp microcontroller is programmed in an easy to learn language called PBASIC, and our experiment-based tutorials make learning fun. Our curriculum is recommended for ages 14 and up. Once you have learned the "basics" you can begin incorporating sensors and other accessories into your projects. Our well-documented products, wide variety of sample code, free technical support, and large programming community at our Discussion Forums, will help you be a success.

I Have an Arduino

BOE Shield-Bot (for Arduino)Parallax developed a shield for the Arduino microcontroller based on our popular Board Of Education (BOE) development board. The Board Of Education form factor is easy-to-use based on its solderless breadboard, servo ports, and onboard voltage regulator. Simply plug in your Arduino microcontroller and follow the lessons on our Learn site.

I'm Ready to Go Multicore

Propeller BOEThe Propeller chip, which features eight 32-bit processors and a shared memory and system clock, makes true independent and cooperative simultaneous multi-processing possible. The Propeller chip may be programmed in our object-based Spin language, low-level Assembly, or with a C Compiler. Users appreciate the overall processing power and I/O capabilities. Hobbyists like the powerful, yet easy, language while robot builders and process control engineers appreciate the parallel processing capabilities. Many find the on-board video generation and easy connection to popular PC peripherals reduces the need for additional support components.

I Am an Educator

Boe-Bot robotWe began offering electronics curriculums in 1997, with our Stamps In Class series of tutorials. Suitable for students 14 and up, our tutorials will keep your students engaged as they learn. To support you we host an educator's discussion forum, offer quantity discounts, and we can put together custom kits for your class' personalized track. We also offer one and two-day teacher training courses to help get you up to speed. E-mail for details.