Holiday Bundles On Sale through December!

Robots for beginners, sensors for hobby projects, development kits for experienced designers — we have put together ten hardware bundles with build-in savings to make your shopping easier!

Propeller 2 Live Forum Events

We just posted invitations for a dozen Propeller 2 Live Forums between December 2021 and April 2022. These events provide opportunities to learn about our new P2 Multicore Microcontroller through interactive trainings and to hear from users who have put the P2 into their products. 

Gripper 3.0 and LaserPING Product Bundle

We’ve made the most interesting, useful Gripper for our small robots. It’s compatible with everything we make: cyber:bot, ActivityBot 360, Boe-Bot, and Shield-Bot for Arduino. With this bundle, we’ve thrown in the LaserPING so you can accurately locate and pick up an object (while saving some big dollars!)

P2 Edge Revision C

The P2 Edge Revision C includes an SD card socket for bootup, *.wav file/data storage, video/image storage, or code files. The high-precision TCXO oscillator keeps accurate time over months and years; and
the 5-16 VDC input voltage provides more flexibility to product developers. 

micro:bit v1.5 is in Stock Again

The micro:bit v1.5 modules are back in stock as the CLUB version. The micro:bit v2.0 will not be available again until 2022, so we suggest educators purchase the v1.5 for their programs. 

Propeller 2 Quick Bytes: 26 Code Examples to Get Started

Quick Bytes cover the P2 programming topics requested by our customers. The examples demonstrate programming tools, smart pin modes (ADC, DAC, serial, PWM), communication protocols (SPI, serial, RF), RGB LEDs, games, and motors. The P2’s parallel processing ability and software-configurable peripherals let these functions can occur on any GPIO!   

LaserPING 2m Rangefinder

Measure distances of objects in the 2-200 cm range with single-pin communication and code-compatibility with the Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors. Highly functional solution for situations involving angled detection surfaces, soft objects, or through clear acrylic!

P2 Edge and P2 Edge Breadboard Bundle

Developers of all backgrounds are getting started with the Propeller 2 Multicore Microcontroller. We’ve assembled a bundle of the most popular items you’re purchasing, including the P2 Edge Module, P2 Edge Breakout Breadboard, and PropPlug with cables into a single package at a discount. Consider joining the P2 Live Forums to ask questions and get up to speed!   



DEFCON 22 Badges Have Been Communicating for Almost Ten Years Among Parallax’s most impressive manufacturing and design accomplishments is the DEFCON 22 Badge. The DEFCON 22 badge display is …

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Meet Marcel, our Newest Teammate!

Introducing the newest addition to Parallax, Marcel Wright! Marcel has worked in electronics, shipping, and inventory for many years in …

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Teaching College-level Engineering courses with the P2 Featuring Professor Gavin Garner March 30 2022
Propeller 2

Teaching College-level Engineering Courses with the P2 Featuring Professor Gavin Garner

Gavin will provide an update on his book used to teach the Mechatronics class at the University of Virginia with the Propeller 2.

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The Gripper 3.0 Shortage is Solved and our CNC Shop is Running Smoothly at New Location!

Last summer we posted a story about how we were renovating our office and moving our CNC shop to Northern …

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Integrating the P2-EC Module into PCB Layouts, and a Simple Project You Can Build with Michael Mulholland, March 9 & 16 2022
Propeller 2

Integrating the P2-EC Module into PCB Layouts, and a Simple Project You Can Build with Michael Mulholland

This is a two-part series. The first portion provides some best layout practices for integrating the P2-EC Module into your own PCB. The second presents a sample Propeller 2 Project Board design.

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Propeller 2

CANCELLED – Propeller 2 Expo

The Propeller 2 Expo planned for March 2022 has been cancelled due to the continuing pandemic.

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P2 P2 LED Cube with Stephen Moraco, February 23 2021
Propeller 2

P2 P2 LED Cube with Stephen Moraco

This community project started by Stephen Moraco set the goal of creating a six-sided 64×64 RGB LED cube from HUB75 panels!

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Propeller Tool Updates: Single-step Debugging and Floating Point Math with Chip Gracey, February 16th 2022
Propeller 2

Propeller Tool Updates: Single-step Debugging and Floating Point Math with Chip Gracey

The presentation will include examples you can load and run on your own Propeller 2 setup, so have some hardware handy!

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BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino | Education Overview & Next PD Feb 3 2022

BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino | Education Overview & Next PD

An overview of the BOE Shield-Bot for Arduino, its uses in classrooms, and a preview of the upcoming professional development workshop with a focus on Arduino C++.

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