Smart LED NeoPixel Ring 12 x 5050

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Add brilliant lights, colors, and circular design elements to your projects with the Smart LED NeoPixel Ring 12×5050 by Adafruit. Only 3 solder connections are needed: 5 V DC POWER, GND, and Data Input. Chain multiple rings together by connecting the Data Out of one ring to the Data Input of the next; each LED will be individually addressable.

See the Downloads below for visual BlocklyProp programs that read like pseudo-code, and are ready to test-drive with your Propeller Activity Board WX.


  • 12 individually addressable superbright RGB LEDs per ring
    Multiple rings may be chained together and controlled from a single I/O pin
    Supported by BlocklyProp RGB LED blocks and Propeller C libraries
    Compatible with Propeller, Arduino, and other precise controllers using WS2812B protocol


  • Number of LEDs:12
  • LED Type: WS2812B or SK6812
  • Voltage requirements: 5 VDC
  • Current requirements: 18 mA
  • Diameter outside: ~ 1.5 in (37 mm)
  • Diameter inside: ~ 1 in (25 mm)

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