Sharp GP2A25J0000F Close-range Reflective Sensor

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Sharp GP2A25J0000F Close-range Reflective Sensor Overview

The Sharp GP2A25J0000F sensor detects changes in white and black surfaces from distances of 1-9 mm (0.039-.354”) as well as the absence of any object in front of the sensor. Potential applications range from robotic encoders to human-activated sensing for machine activation or reed-switch proximity type applications. The Sharp GP2A25J0000F may be used to output a simple digital interface like a pushbutton, with a high-low transition when activated.

See the video under Additional Resources for a BlocklyProp pseudocode example.

Sharp GP2A25J0000F Close-range Reflective Sensor Features:
  • Efficient non-contact sensing with a 1-9 mm detecting distance
  • Accepts a Tyco Electronics 292133-3 connector
  • Mounting hole for secure application integration
Application Ideas:
  • Barcode reading system
  • Edge detection for robots or equipment
  • Line following robotic applications
  • Object detection on conveyor belt
Sharp GP2A25J0000F Close-range Reflective Sensor Key Specifications:
  • Voltage Requirements:4.75–5.25 V
  • Sensing Method: Reflective Infrared
  • Detecting Distance: 1–9 mm
  • Communication: Open collector
  • Connector: Tyco Electronics PN : 292133-3
  • Case Dimensions: 33 x 9 x 8 mm
  • Operating temperature range: 14 to +140 °F (-10 to +60 °C)

See the Sharp GP2A25J0000F datasheet under Downloads for complete details.

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Sharp GP2A25J0000F BlocklyProp Pseudocode Video (YouTube)

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