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This quartet of popular sensors will equip your microcontroller project with environmental and human input options, and a built-in discount.  A 40-piece FF ribbon cable and four 3-pin headers are included for making connections.  Click the arrow by each item to see its complete details, downloads and resource links.


LaserPING 2m Rangefinder

The LaserPING 2m Rangefinder near-infrared, time-of-flight (TOF) sensor is ideal for taking measurements between moving or stationary objects. This sensor works well in applications where ultrasonic sensors fail: soft objects and angled surfaces.

$29.99 $26.99

212 in stock

SKU 28041

ColorPAL Color Sensor

$34.95 $31.46

527 in stock

SKU 28380

PIR Sensor with LED Signal

The PIR Sensor detects motion by measuring changes in the infrared (heat) levels emitted by surrounding objects. When motion is detected a LED lights up the lens dome as a visual signal, and the module also outputs a high signal on its output pin.

$16.95 $15.26

4282 in stock

SKU 555-28027

2-Axis Joystick

2-Axis Joystick is breadboard-friendly and can add analog input to your BASIC Stamp, Arduino, Propeller project.

$7.95 $7.16

852 in stock

SKU 27800

3-Pin Single Row Header (long) × 4

$0.50 $0.45

6249 in stock

SKU 451-00303

200mm Jumper Wires, FF 40-piece Ribbon

This 40-piece ribbon of FF 200 mm Jumper Wires with 0.1″ compatible sockets are extra-long for your larger-scale projects.

$3.99 $3.59

1002 in stock

SKU 800-00062

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