Pixy2 CMUcam and Gripper 3.0 Bundle for ActivityBot 360° or Shield-Bot Robot

The Pixy2 CMUcam and the Gripper 3.0 are great companion add-ons for your own Propeller ActivityBot 360° or your Shield-Bot with Arduino.  A robot is NOT included, but a built-in bundle discount is! Both the Pixy2 CMUcam and the Gripper 3.0 kit come with mounting hardware. Click the arrow by each add-0n for details and resources.


Gripper 3.0 for Parallax Small Robots

The Gripper 3.0 is a precision CNC-machined end-effector design for all of Parallax’s small robots, using a single servo to actuate the grab-and-lift motion with only a small amount of linear movement.

$129.00 $116.10

30 in stock

SKU 28203

Pixy2 CMUcam with Cable + Mounting Hardware

Pixy2 CMUcam with cable and mounting hardware is a camera vision system for small Propeller ActivityBot or Shield-Bot for Arduino robots and supported by the PixyMon software.

$69.00 $62.10

15 in stock

SKU 30028

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