Inventing Kit Series

The Parallax Inventing Kit Series equips students to bring their genius ideas to life. 

Ideal for independent learners of any age, these kits are great for STEAM programs, science fairs, and as a supplement to the Henry Ford Invention Convention Worldwide curriculum  grades 6-8 and 9-12.

The Electronics Base Kit features the Propeller FLiP microcontroller module that plugs into a breadboard.  A variety of gadget basics are included: LEDs, pushbuttons, beeper, dial, servo motor, light and tilt sensors, and passive components.  With these, inventors pick up electronics and circuit-building skills. Then, they are ready to expand their creations with Add-on Kits for Mechanical, Environmental, or Security-focused applications.

The programming is easy to learn with visual BlocklyProp, a free online tool with an extensive set of built-in blocks for many devices—just browse the BlocklyProp Block Reference for examples.

Tutorials for the Propeller FLiP and BlocklyProp programming are available on our Learn site here.