The cyber:bot robot adds a tangible hardware dimension to Python-focused computer science and CTE programs.  The cyber:bot robot merges a micro:bit module with the Parallax small robot form factor that's a proven STEM success in classrooms from middle school into college. An onboard Propeller multicore microcontroller serves as a co-processor, handling servo motor control and interaction with breadboard-built circuits for robust projects that go beyond what the micro:bit can do on its own.   The cyber:bot robot is a joint project of Parallax Inc. and NICERC, the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center.

Products (complete kit options) —  Assemble the cyber:bot and try some navigation basics. Then, build and test-drive three different DIY sensor circuits with common electrical components included with the kit. 

Accessories (add-ons and replenishment) — The cyber:bot is expandable, and compatible with the sensors, accessories, and hardware add-ons show below. Replenishment packs and individual hardware pieces are available separately for experimentation and fleet maintenance.

Educator Resources — Explore our free cyber:bot Tutorial Series, our Scope and Sequence, and our Standards Matrix.  Assesment materials are available to verified teachers; just email

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