CYBER.ORG Physics Supply Kit

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The CYBER.ORG Physics Supply Kit includes materials used to run not just the Boe-Bot portion of the Physics curriculum in your classroom, but also many of the labs in the Electricity and Magnetism unit and the Work and Mechanics unit. Please check the CYBER.ORG Physics Curriculum (offsite) master notes for more information on materials.

The Physics Supply Kit comes with a large breadboard, LEDs, set of jumper wires, transistor, dual-axis accelerometer, set of seven-segment displays, PING)))™ Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, QTI Line Follower kit, and a full-function mini-multimeter used throughout the course to record a variety of readings while the Boe-Bot robot operates.

CYBER.ORG (formerly NICERC) recommends that schools purchase one Physics Supply Kit per Boe-Bot robot team in the classroom. Professional development training is available to K-12 educators seeking to implement the kit. Learn more at CYBER.ORG.


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